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“Football’s racism landscape changes in line with society”


Kevin Coleman, Grassroots Development Officer at Kick It Out football equality organisation, held a press conference at University of Westminster on Monday, discussing with student journalists about their activities over the year, the status of local involvement in community sports and gender and racial issues.

During the 2011 One Game One Community Weeks of Action, Kick It Out’s annual campaign for football equality, the organization underlines the power of social influence in changing racial beliefs in sports.

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London walks: Bloomsbury festival


The Bloomsbury Festival is a “taster of the amazing cultural life”, as the event’s website says, spreading over many parks, gardens, museums and shopping streets in Camden Town. I looked around this year’s festival last week-end and really liked the variety of creative ideas and the community feeling between visitors and local people.

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MI5 looked for employees at London Graduate Fair 2011

Trying to look-out for a part-time job for this year, I went to the London Graduate Fair that was organised at the Business Design Centre in Islington on the 18th of Oct. There, I found MI5.

I didn’t find what I was looking for, but had a good walk around the exhibition stands. About a third were educational ones, with people from various universities and training academies, but the rest were companies, advertising their vacancies, or career websites. Many of the visitors stood in line wanting career coaching from the fair’s experts.

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Dale Farm, the ethnic question

At our Newspaper course today, we looked at the Dale Farm evictions that started in the morning. One of the stories aspects that I identified is the ethnical problem, since part of the evicted persons are gypsies and Irish travellers. They suggested throughout the English media that they are being discriminated.

Supporters of the Dale Farm travellers community say that the Basildon council and the UK Government engaged in “ethnic cleansing”, raising a discussion over human rights vs. housing laws. The eviction that started on Wednesday morning in Dale Farm, the largest travellers community in the UK, was compared in the media with the clearances of Roma camps in Italy and France.

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The Museum of Everything puts self-taught artists in a department store

A collection of more than 400 paintings, drawings, knitted objects, paper collages, ceramic sculptures, and any other form of expression one can think of, is taking over Selfridge department store for eight weeks. Exhibition #4 shows Londoners what self-taught artists from around the world discovered art to be.

Follow one of many red arrows starting from Bond Underground station and in less than a minute walk you will get to see everything. The Museum of Everything describes itself as “art by the untrained, unintentional and unknown artists of our planet” and this is visible in the various creative styles, materials and arrangements encountered in each rooms. And what better place to put all of everything if not at the basement of an enormous department store?

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